Welcome to Solrenningen with added WRE/Norwegian Cup

We are once again back in the woods around Rudskogen Motorsenter for the middle distance and the long distance. It’s been 7 years since we organized the O festival… A big event during the 1000 year celebration for Sarpsborg. Today we are in Rakkestad municipality. The border between Rakkestad and Sarpsborg runs in the middle of the pond here, the pond called Fjelletjernet.

We are then slightly south-east of Motorsenteret. The motor center covers a large part of the map. The motor center consists of the race track and in addition there are tracks to the east and west of the race track for motorbike/motocross and trial/driving.

Both on Saturday and Sunday you will come into contact with these motorcycle trails/trial trails. In some places these tracks/trails are quite wide and they are marked in the forest in some places with longitudinal marking bands. It is allowed to cross these trails and cross these trails/marking tapes. It is also of course allowed to run on these tracks/trails.

North-west of the course there is also a cross course that can be crossed. We have been in contact with the motorcycle clubs and they have promised that they will not ride on Sunday during the race.

The terrain in Rudskogen is moderately hilly. Some of the long runs will come into contact with more hilly terrain. Thinning felling has been carried out in areas which reduce the walkability.

You will experience on most trails that you really are in the forest. There is heather and undergrowth that can put fitness and running strength to the test.

There are many controls in the forest. As you know, both the middle distance and the long distance run on the same terrain. This means that there are controls to be used tomorrow during the long distance. It is therefore important to check codes.

The start is at the same place on both days for both 1.) ordinary and junior-elite trails and 2). the senior elite trails. Follow the marking tape/ribbons northwest of the meeting place

Author: sunrise